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I'm developing several new drama projects including a new feature film called "Monumental", in partnership with Baby Cow films and the BBC, and a drama set in a soup kitchen called ‘Soup’.

In 2014 I released my first feature film DOWNHILL, a comedy about four old friends who reunite to go on an ill-fated holiday together. It played everywhere from The Empire Leicester Sq to Ambleside in Cumbria and got a lovely response from press and public. It got its’ TV outing on More4.

Here are a few of the lovely comments from the press.

The Times - Four stars
“It’s better than World’s End and more tightly structured than The Trip” “An overlooked gem”

The Mail - Four stars
“a warm hearted film, full of wit and insight”

The Independent - Four stars
“contains more big laughs in it’s first 20 minutes than Adam Sandler has generated in his past five movies”

Stephen Fry
‘A tremendous new British comedy’


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